Monday, March 5, 2012

The Best of Asian Action Cinema Part II: Chocolate

I must admit, I get a certain amount of joy in seeing a skinny little girl somehow kick the living shit out of however many fucking thugs are in this scene. Especially if that skinny little girl has autism (in the movie, not in real life). Talk about a fucking handicap.

In typical Thai movie fashion, it has a completely ludicrous story involving a girl with autism who learns to fight from watching martial arts flicks. But if sitting through silly nonsense like this will reward me with action scenes like these, then I'm happy.

I remember when I was first watching the flick, for the first couple fights I had a hard time believing what was happening on screen. Obviously this is a ridiculous action flick, but it seemed forced at first. In my opinion this was probably because in the Thai flicks, they seem to follow this idea that everything is one or two big hits. Think Bruce Lee, or John Wayne I guess. It's just one big punch and that's that. So in the beginning, it was strange watching this little girl kick a guy twice her size in the stomach once and he was down for the count.

However, the flick seemed to build up to this final set piece. As it progressed the fights got more elaborate and more impressive, leading up the the Holy Shitness of this scene. If you watch the movie, the end credits has a Jackie Chan style blooper reel, and you see that when those guys fall, they have nothing more than a little wire slightly(and I really do mean slightly) slowing down their fall.

I think it's a great little piece of brutal ass kicking that's more impressive than anything you're ever gonna see The Rock or Bruce Willis perform.

Chocolate is on Netflix Instant for those who wanna check it out.

Note: I know it's kinda stupid to just link the video as opposed to posting it here, but I really don't wanna bother figuring out how to do it.

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