Monday, March 14, 2011

More Netflix Instant Recommendations

It’s been a long day for me, so until I get acclimated to my new schedule during the day I’m gonna do some simpler posts here(really, I will have adjusted by Wednesday at the latest). So tonight I decided to do another Netflix Instant recommendations piece. Remember if you see anything there that you wanna recommend then please do so. I thoroughly enjoy the stuff people recommend me.

1. Fallen Angels: Because last week was WKW week here, I decided to start off with another one of his flicks. This one I just watched recently, and I really dug it, big surprise right? Well anyway, it’s a companion piece to Chungking Express in that it’s the same world they’re living in, but about the people who exist in the really late hours, basically, people who you wanna see but don’t really wanna know in real life. The title is amazingly fitting for the flick, and the ending is something that is just pure beauty, and continues WKW’s themes of fleeting moments.

2. Batman: The Movie: Yes, the Adam West one, words cannot describe how wonderful the flick is. Here’s a quick test to see if you will dig the absurd humor of the movie, solve this riddle: What has yellow skin and writes? Answer on bottom of post.

3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: See the original before Fincher’s remake(which I’m sure will be fucking amazing), if only to see Noomi Rapace’s amazing portrayal of Lisbeth Salander. On top of this though, you get a great crime thriller, and a fucking excellent scene of revenge. Here’s a tip: Don’t rape ANYONE.

4. Steamboat Bill, Jr.: For those who love physical comedy, particularly those who love the amazing split second timing of Buster Keaton. If you’ve not seen anything by him before then you’re missing out, although The General is a better film to jump into.

That’s it this time, check back tomorrow for hopefully something more.

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