Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Quick and the Dead: The Dvd Shop

I'm a big movie collector. I shudder to think about the sheer amount of money I've spent on my dvds and blu rays(rough estimate: Thousands). But here's the really sad fucking thing, the market is going away. Big stores are shrinking down their dvd sections to obscurity, and specialized places have been vanishing for years. I mean, when was the last time you saw a Sam Goody, or SunCoast Video? They're vanishing people.

Certainly, I mean, when shit goes bad people gotta cut out unnecessary things like dvds or music, and let's face it, with torrenting as powerful as it is, most people can get any movie they want in a matter of minutes. That's not what I'm here to talk about though, people who would consistently torrent movies were never gonna be the saving grace of home video anyway. What fucking drives me insane are the people who still spend money on dvds, but decide to do so on Amazon.

Full disclosure right now, I fucking amazon. It is the end of society as far as I'm concerned.

You see, I understand that people wanna save money nowadays. But some of this is just ridiculous. People would rather save sometimes as little as 3 dollars on a movie from amazon then go out and support specialty stores. Then they'll complain when a place like Sam Goody or Second Spin goes out of business. How in the hell did you expect it to succeed if you never supported the fucking business? It's like a guy who has never had any inclination to go to a sporting event in his life getting mad that a stadium is closing.

It's bullshit, if you're so big on saving money, then how about cutting back on the fucking dvds and spending your money elsewhere? If you still really want them, then buy fewer things at a DAMN SHOP! Instead we get people bitching about these stores vanishing while continuing to go to Amazon as the be all end all of stores.

Oh but now the store is closing so we're gonna pick over the remains like a bunch of fucking vultures, "But I'm supporting them now." Yeah, now when you can hoard over sales and the store is already completely fucked and not coming back.
A place like Amoeba in Hollywood survives because it's the only one left, and those of us who buy from stores will make the trip out there.

Who am I ranting at in this bit? It's really pretty specific, those of you who complain that stores for "us" are vanishing, while you've never really supported them in the first place. Go ahead and say I'm overreacting, cause let's face it, I am, but you guys are fucking hypocrites who can go die.

[I should state now that this should be read with a grain of salt, it's really just a little thing that annoys me and I decided to do a big ridiculous rant about it.]

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